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8/29/2011 - Staying safe after a hurricane has passed

People should always avoid going near damaged power lines following a hurricane or other severe storm.

In the wake of Hurricane Irene, residents in many communities are now looking to pick up the pieces. To ensure homeowners remain safe following the storm, the American Red Cross has some post-hurricane safety tips.

For example, if high winds and heavy rains occurred in your area, power lines may have fallen. The Red Cross says you should do everything you can to avoid these areas, especially if water is in the vicinity.

Electricity outages are also common during hurricanes. Should the power go out, don’t forget to look for electrical system malfunctions. If wires have been frayed, the electricity should be shut off at the source to avoid additional damage if the power comes back on. In addition, be cautious of where you step when entering buildings, as broken glass could cause injuries.

The Red Cross also advises individuals to check on friends and neighbors, particularly if they're elderly or have disabilities. Should they be in need of assistance, emergency responders should be contacted.

As always, Selective hopes that everyone remains safe during the course of this hurricane. If you are a Selective customer who has been impacted by Hurricane Irene, please call us toll-free now at 866-455-9969 or click here to report your claim online. For flood claims, please call 877-348-0552 or visit

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