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6/5/2012 - Three simple steps that protect a home or business from damage

Home and business owners should prepare for stormy weather.

With hurricane season in full swing, the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America is providing home and business owners with some recommendations on how they can minimize the risk of filing a property insurance claim resulting from a severe storm.

"While we certainly recommend hiring a licensed contractor to assess your structural needs heading into hurricane season, there are simple steps home and business owners can take that make a big difference," said Chris Hackett, director of personal lines for PCI. "Something as simple as picking up or securing items such as swing sets, outdoor play toys, barbecue grills and trash cans will reduce the number of projectiles that could damage your home in a serious storm."

In addition, property owners whose business or residence is near trees should trim the branches back. PCI also recommends looking at their structure's roof. Using a caulking gun to anchor the trusses to the roof decking can provide that extra support it may need when winds are whipping.

Home and business owners can find out more ways to protect their property by downloading PCI's latest home safety brochure, "Three Ways in Three Days."

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