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4/26/2012 - Twister risk is not just for tornado alley

Tornadoes are not only found in the Midwest.

While Americans may feel that tornado activity is confined to only a certain area of the country, a new report indicates that twisters are more widespread than commonly believed.

The report "Tornado and Hail Risk Beyond Tornado Alley," conducted by CoreLogic, details how many homeowners and property insurance providers have had to reassess the risk of tornadoes due to storms affecting areas in recent years not typically known for them.

"The extensive destruction wrought by convective storms in 2011, which produce hail, strong winds and tornados, captured the attention of the public and forced many insurance companies to rethink the way they assess natural hazard risk," said Howard Botts, vice president and director of CoreLogic Spatial Solutions.

The analysis indicates that tornado risk is not confined to the Midwest but rather most of the eastern portion of the U.S. In fact, data retrieved from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration indicates that most of the twister activity in the past 29 years has occurred outside "tornado alley," or states not including Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota and Illinois.

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