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1/21/2013 - Must-have car repair tools for do-it-yourselfers

Specific tools are recommended for DIY car repair enthusiasts to have.

According to a recent poll conducted by the automotive information website, an overwhelming majority of respondents - 91% - who usually send their car to the mechanic to get it fixed would at the very least be amenable to performing their own repairs.

Brian Hafer, vice president of marketing at, says that do-it-yourselfers can help extend the life of their vehicles, which is something many people are doing nowadays given the nation's current economic situation.

"Today's consumers are interested in the longevity of their vehicle, and more conscientious than ever with repair costs," said Hafer.

With this in mind, says that a few tools are must-haves for anyone who's serious about performing their own vehicle maintenance.

1. Hydraulic floor jack. One necessary tool to have is a hydraulic floor jack. These handy tools are extremely versatile, as they allow car owners to lift the vehicle up to perform various tasks, such as rotating the tires, changing the oil or replacing brake pads. Prices vary but floor jacks can cost anywhere from $80 to $150.

2. Diagnostic tool. Another handy tool to have is an OBD2 code reader. Virtually everyone that's had a car for any amount of time has seen their "check engine" light flash on their dashboard panel. Code readers allow motorists to better diagnose what the problem may be. They retail for as little as $50 to as much as $100, depending on their quality and name brand.

3. Self-help book about car repair. Something else motorists may want to consider getting is a vehicle repair manual, suggests. Over the life of the average car, an automobilewill encounter a range of issues. These manuals provide car owners with specific problems that they may come up against and how they're corrected. These books can be found in book stores or online book retailers for $20 to $30.

4. Air compressor. An air compressor also serves as a great tool to have. Tires need to have the proper amount of pressure to perform at their peak. An air compressor allows drivers to check the amount of air they have in their tires and inflate them to the appropriate level.

These tools should not only help drivers learn more about automotive maintenance, but may also help extend the life of their vehicles.

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