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8/24/2011 - Lawsuits, identity theft CEOs' top concerns

One of CEOs top concerns is identity theft.

A new study is revealing what businessowners most fear when it comes to maintaining the success of their companies.

Of all the things that could potentially hamper the viability of their business, CEOs worry most about being sued by a third party and having their identities stolen, according to a survey conducted by Chief Executive Group.

"Most CEOs have worked extremely hard for many years, putting enormous effort and energy into building the value of their businesses and accumulating a material level of wealth," said Wayne Cooper, one of the survey's lead researchers. "Many, however, haven't put nearly enough focus into protecting their wealth."

CEG said the survey was conducted to learn how aware CEOs were of business-related risks and what steps they had taken to prepare themselves and their company in the event of an emergency. In addition, the survey found that CEOs' businesses also lack sufficient insurance protection.

Selective offers a number of coverage enhancements to protect your business. Ask your agent about Identity Recovery insurance, which can help cover the cost of identity restoration for businessowners, partners and certain other leaders in your organization if they are a victim of identity theft. Or consider our CyCuritySM coverage to help protect your business against financial loss resulting from errors in your use of computers, the internet and other electronic networks to communicate and transact business. Talk to your Selective agent today to learn more. 

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