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5/23/2014 - Make grilling safety a priority this Memorial Day weekend

Don't let your Memorial Day weekend fun go up in smoke.

There are few more meaningful federal holidays on the calendar than Memorial Day - an annual occasion where Americans literally and figuratively salute the brave men and women who not only fought for their country but gave the ultimate sacrifice. Of course, it's also about recognizing those who served or are serving currently. Of the approximately 22 million veterans of the armed forces, more than 16 million were on active duty during a period of war, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Known originally as Decoration Day, the yearly observance period is filled with time-treasured traditions, such as attending war memorials, participating in parades, fireworks displays, not to mention getting together with family and friends. To top it all off, loved ones gather for a good, old-fashioned barbecue, where all manner of grilled favorites are served.

Every year, though, largely due to human error, accidents take place that sometimes lead to homeowners insurance claims, resulting from a fire that damages property or causes injury.

With this in mind, the U.S. Fire Administration has a summer fire safety resource that serves as a good reminder of what to be sure to do when barbecuing this Memorial Day weekend as well as throughout out the upcoming season.

For example, before using a hibachi or grill, it's important to ensure that all the connections are appropriately attached, specifically that of the propane tank to the fuel line, USFA advised. Additionally, if the propane tank needs to be filled, be careful not to fill it up with too much of the gas.

The proper attire should be worn as well. For example, loose clothing can catch fire if it touches a hot surface, especially around flames. That's why shorts, pants and shirts worn should fit well.

For more safety tips to be mindful of this Memorial Day weekend, visit USFA's website. If you have a question or concern about your insurance policy, speak to a local Selective agent.

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