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10/15/2012 - Six weird-but-true insurance policies

Some insurance policies cover wedding issues.

As a rule, insurance is all about protecting people from the potential hazards that could take place, whether it's an accident on the road, a severe storm or any matter of other scenarios. While the situations that arise are usually unexpected, they are generally plausible. However, every now and then, circumstances can materialize that can be downright outlandish.

That said, PropertyCasualty360 has compiled a variety of insurance policies that may seem bizarre but are nonetheless true and offered by real companies.

1. Abducted by aliens? There's insurance for that. Perhaps the best example of these weird-but-true insurance policies is alien insurance - in the off chance animals, plants and human beings are not the only living things in the universe. Believe it or not, some insurers offer alien abduction insurance, with the average policy running about $150 annually for $1.5 million worth of protection.

2. Protection from the walking dead. Zombie television programs are all the rage these days, prompting some to obtain insurance protection in the event the legend of the undead surfaces. PropertyCasualty360 says a United Kingdom-based insurer offers coverage for a potential zombie apocalypse and the resulting cleaning costs.

3. General liability for amusement park rides. Speaking of ghoulish characters, nothing provides moments of fright quite like a haunted house, which have been attractions for carnival and amusement park attendants for decades. Every once in awhile, though, rides meant to provide entertainment have resulted in an accident that no one anticipates. For instance, the insurance website notes that a haunted house visitor from St. Louis, Missouri, tragically died after suffering a bad reaction to the fog being piped in by automated machines. General liability insurance carried by the business operating the ride provided a measure of financial relief for the teen's family.

4. Body part insurance. On a much less serious note, there's also insurance protection for people who make a living off themselves. Consider the fact that Bruce Springsteen is alleged to have taken out an insurance policy on his voice. On the other hand, a cricket player from Australia - who's known for his facial hair - insured his mustache for $370,000. Unusual though they may be, some insurers do provide coverage for those who think they need it.

5. Coverage for wedding mishaps. There's nothing atypical about weddings, which occur every day in the U.S. and throughout the world. While most of these ceremonies go off without a hitch, many things have been known to go wrong. Wedding insurance accounts for these potentialities - some that even provide the would-be bride or groom with protection should they get cold feet before walking down the aisle, PropertyCasualty360 notes.

6. Game operators insurance. Finally, with the autumn being a time of year in which many carnivals and fairs take place, some of these festivals have games that attendants can play for their chance at winning a prize or a cash prize. In order to do so, they generally have to complete some kind of feat that's hard to achieve, like sinking a hole in one on a particularly difficult course. While these games are created in a way that makes it difficult for someone to actually accomplish the task, holes-in-one and similar achievements do take place. Just check YouTube. Thus, contest insurance gives companies the coverage they need to reward individuals without having to worry about not being able to pay should multiple people win. 

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