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2/1/2012 - What is professional liability insurance?

Professional liability insurance can protect companies in the event of an error.

When people decide to start a business, they have to take into consideration accidents or incidents that may happen in which they're responsible. Professional liability insurance may be one of these protections that can help cover them.

Professional liability insurance is a policy that covers business owners for negligence or mistakes they make. It's also a plan that protects them from sustaining significant financial losses in the event they're sued by the affected party.

As the Insurance Information Institute describes it, there's an expectation that professionals have experience in conducting a certain service. But if their service - or failure to perform the service - leads to the injury or harm of another person or business, the law permits those injured to sue the professional in court. Should the court find that the injured person or business has a legitimate case, the court may ask the professional to pay them a certain amount for what they endured as a result of the professional's negligence. Professional liability insurance can be used for award payments and can be used to help defray lawyers' fees and other court costs.

So talk to your independent agent today to learn more about Selective's Miscellaneous Professional Liability insurance, which provides coverage for your businesses – such as florists, photographers, and wedding planners – from damages and lawsuits associated with errors, omission, misrepresentation of facts, nondisclosure, or negligence in providing a service.

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