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4/9/2012 - What to do before, during and after a tornado

In the event of a tornado, the basement is a relatively safe location.

With many parts of the U.S. being affected by twisters and several others at risk, the Federal Emergency Management Agency is supplying homeowners and businesses with tips for what they should do in the event of a tornado.

One of the most important aspects is knowing whether a severe storm is on the horizon. This can be determined by listening to weather reports, but individuals can rely on their own knowledge as well. For instance, a tornado may be imminent if the sky has a greenish hue, large balls of hail are falling and the sky is filled with low-lying clouds, FEMA notes.

Where individuals are during a twister should also dictate how they brace for impact. For example, if someone is outside during a twister, they should search for any type of ditch or significant trench in the ground where they can take cover. However, if in a vehicle or mobile home, they should leave it immediately and head for the nearest sturdy structure, FEMA advises. If they are already inside, they should quickly go to the basement, storm shelter or an interior room.

Finally, in the aftermath of a tornado, FEMA reminds individuals to exercise caution when surveying the damage by wearing protective shoes, long sleeves and gloves. They should also get in touch with their homeowners insurance provider so they can begin the claims process.

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