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12/19/2012 - Why driving is preferable to flying this holiday

Many prefer to drive than fly during the holidays, a report finds.

While flying may get Americans to their holiday destinations more quickly, it will likely cost families far less money by going "over the river and through the woods," as the holiday song says.

In a recent story reported by USA Today, Americans who take to the air to see their families this holiday will spend 8% more on tickets than they did last year. In fact, the cost of flying is so steep, that a family of four would be able to drive 1,000 miles for the same price of one airline ticket.

Rich White, executive director for the Car Care Council, indicated that this is a clear indication that driving is a more affordable alternative to flying.

"With airfares soaring, more people are realizing that the benefits of driving during the holiday season far outweigh the hassle of airline travel," said White. "It is much less expensive to drive; you can control your arrival and departure, and you can fill your sleigh - I mean trunk - with as many bags as you want without getting charged."

There are a variety of other benefits that come with driving instead of flying, the Car Care Council advises. This includes not having to deal with airport parking, being able to leave at any time rather than one specified by an airline and not having to deal with weather delays.

That said, weather can have a significant impact on safety. According to various auto insurance statistics, treacherous road conditions are some of the most common causes of accidents not only during the holiday season but throughout the winter.

Prior to taking to the road, motorists are urged to pay attention to weather reports, especially those in the region to which they're traveling. This should help families determine the best time to leave so that snow and ice can be avoided.

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