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A new study suggests that falling gas prices leads to more crashes on the nation's roads.
Study Ties Lower Gas Prices To Greater Accident Potential
Research out of South Dakota State University suggests that as gas prices go down, automotive crashes tend to rise.
Your home inspection should take two to three hours to complete.
5 Key Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Home Inspector
Here are five questions that will help you land a qualified home inspection professional.
Data exposure is a major threat to small business owners, demanding a reliable security system.
4 Ways To Keep Your Business Protected From Cyber Attacks
Nearly three-quarters of security breaches affect small businesses. These tips can help your company avoid becoming a statistic.
Homeowners insurance companies estimate that approximately 250,000 people annually see their water pipes freeze over due to bitterly cold temperatures.
Storm Juno Reminds Homeowners to Protect Their Water Pipes From Freeze
Nearly a quarter million homeowners experience frozen pipes each year.
 Based on a new survey, many workers are engaging in file-sharing practices that put their employers at risk of data theft or liability.
Employees Admit to 'Frequent' Risky File-sharing Behavior
More than 60% of workers say they've shared documents with someone they weren't supposed to.
Warnings about the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption are getting through to young people, as new statistics indicate that underage drinking among the country's youth is down substantially.
Underage Drinking Drops Substantially
About 1.5 million fewer kids between 12 and 17 had an intoxicating beverage in the past month compared to study done 10 years ago, according to a study from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.
One unfortunate aspect of live Christmas trees is that they're highly flammable and have been responsible for a number of homeowners insurance claims.
5 Steps to Avoid a Holiday Catastrophe
Though rare, Christmas tree fires occur every year, but they all can be prevented with the proper fire safety awareness.
While the Internet has enabled individuals and businesses to learn, grow and stay connected, it can also be used for fraudulent or deceitful purposes.
Cyber Security: 3 Information Security Laws Everyone Should Know
Often referred to as the information superhighway, the Internet is used by 2.8 billion people throughout the world and as many as 85% of the North American population, according to statistical data.
While businesses are reacting by heightening their awareness and taking steps to prepare, many are still less than confident that their protection systems will stave off a security issue of their own.
Cyber Security: More Businesses Responding to Rise in Breach Threats
Nearly 75% of companies have a data breach response plan in place, according to a new report from Experian and the Ponemon Institute.
In a bid to lower the number of auto insurance claims that result from wildlife walking or running out into traffic, the Virginia Department of Transportation is investigating their travel patterns.
Safety Officials in Virginia Launch 3-Year Study to Reduce Wildlife Collisions
The Virginia Department of Transportation says the analysis should help reduce the number of car accidents involving animals.
Last year, nearly 54,000 Honda Accords were broken into and made off with, NICB revealed in its annual "Hot Wheels" report.
NICB: Honda Accord Most Stolen Vehicle of 2013
Two of the top 5 cars stolen in 2013 are made by Honda.
Although technological advancements and hi-tech gadgetry have helped more drivers protect their vehicles from being stolen, thieves are resorting to new ways of gaining entry into secured vehicles.
NICB Issues Consumer Warning About Keyless Entry Vehicles
Thieves are catching up with the times by gaining access to cars that use keyless entry, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau.
Despite greater awareness about Internet security and cyber attacks, hundreds of millions of consumers were affected by some form of identity theft through the first six months of 2014, according to a new report.
Nearly Half-Billion Customer Records Breached in 2014 - So Far, Report Finds
Approximately 375 million customers worldwide were affected by data theft through this year's first half, according to recent analysis.
A new report was recently released that people who are looking to buy a smaller car might want to heed.
IIHS: Small Cars Perform Poorly in Overlap Front Test
Only the Mini Cooper Countryman received a "good" rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.
Halloween celebrations are all about having a good time, but the party can be cut short when safety isn't adhered to.
Stay Safe Trick-or-Treating this Halloween
A majority of Americans will be participating in Halloween activities this year, making it a crucial period to celebrate safely.
As hard as it may be to believe, it's been two years since Hurricane Sandy roared ashore, the superstorm that took shape in late October and didn't let up until early November.
Fallout of Hurricane Sandy Still Felt Two Years Later
Superstorm Sandy may be a distant memory, but its effects are still being felt today.
As the second half of the year plays out, the first six months were ones to remember in the natural disaster department, according to newly released details on the economic impact of environmental disasters.
Relatively Quiet First Half of 2014 for Natural Disasters
Economic losses were half of what they are normally at the year's midpoint, but Aon Benfield says the concluding six months could be a different story.
The Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety applauded the U.S. House of Representatives for passing The National Windstorm Impact Reduction Act, which was up for reauthorization.
Windstorm Bill Being Considered by Lawmakers
The Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety recently recognized the U.S. House of Representatives for passing a bill that would help protect structures from wind-related damage threats.
When it comes to whether these technologies result in more satisfied motorists, newly released polling data suggests otherwise.
Consumers Somewhat Unimpressed with In-vehicle Technology, Survey Finds
A recent poll from J.D. Power and Associates revealed that satisfaction levels are similar when comparing new-car owners with carry-over owners.
There's a whole host of good reasons for never getting behind the wheel after having an alcoholic drink, not the least of which is putting your and other lives in danger.
How DUI Accidents Affect Auto Insurance
Residents of Sacramento, Calif. see the most significant jump in premiums after fatal DUI crashes, according to a new analysis.
For the past 90 years, the National Fire Protection Association has sponsored the seven-day awareness period, which takes place between Oct. 5 and 11.
Fire Prevention Week Focuses on Smoke Detector Maintenance
Close to two-thirds of the deaths resulting from a structure fire are those where an alarm wasn't present or inoperable, according to the National Fire Protection Association.
Three Ford models are among the most-stolen SUVs in the country
NICB: High Number of SUVs, CUVs Stolen in Recent Years
Three of the five most-stolen sports utility vehicles in the past three years are Ford models.
When renters were asked what factors would propel them to continue doing so, rather than purchase a home, some of the most common responses included having too much debt, not making enough money and insufficient credit, a recent survey revealed.
Few Renters Have Insurance, New Poll Finds
Slightly more than one-third of renters have coverage, according to a new Insurance Information Institute survey.
After a year's that's been replete with automotive recalls due to safety issues, a surprising new study reveals that safety takes a backseat to price when it comes to the factors that consumers consider before purchasing a new vehicle.
Poll: Consumers Value Price Over Safety
More car buyers say the affordability of a vehicle has a bigger influence on their decision to purchase a vehicle than safety history, according to YouGov.
Assisted living facilities serve as an effective way to get your loved one the attention he or she needs.
3 Questions to Ask when Selecting an Assisted Living Facility
When your loved one's personal needs become too much, how you answer these questions can help guide you toward the assisted living facility that's best.
A CDC poll says that 1 in 4 women are affected by sexual abuse in their lifetime.
How to Protect Yourself from Sexual Assault
With the 2014-15 school season underway, these recommendations can help protect college-aged women from unwanted sex acts.
Nearly 95% of respondents indicated that they recognize texting and driving as being a potentially hazardous behavior, Harris Interactive revealed in a new poll.
Poll: Most Americans Admit to Texting Despite Crash Risk
Three in four drivers say they've sent a text while driving, even though they're aware of accident potential, Harris Interactive revealed.
According to the National Weather Service, there's an 80% chance that El Nino will occur during either the fall or winter.
Will Fall Bring an Active or Quiet Season for Storms?
If 2014 is a repeat of 2013, it could be another quiet autumn on tap.
Three-quarters of U.S. consumers say the punishment for texting behind the wheel is inadequate.
Americans Want More Rigorous Penalties from Texting and Driving
Three-quarters of U.S. consumers say the punishment for texting behind the wheel is inadequate.
If you're squeezing every last bit of the seasonable weather out of 2014 that you can, a cycling safety refresher course may be in order
End-of-Season Bicycle Safety Tips
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has some safety recommendations that cyclists should live by.
The primary method many drivers utilize in order to not fall asleep is drinking caffeinated beverages
Drowsy Drivers Look to Caffeine to Stay Awake
A recent poll reveals that sleep-deprived motorists rely on caffeinated beverages to remain alert.
Texting while driving is not only dangerous, it's infuriating to other drivers, according to a new study.
Texters Most Anger-Inducing Drivers, Americans Say
A new survey from Expedia says that motorists find texting while driving to be the most infuriating behavior to observe.
This year's hurricane season is expected to be less severe and on par with last year's relatively calm period.
Another Dormant Hurricane Season on Tap, NOAA Says
The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration indicates there's a 50% chance there will be fewer hurricanes than normal this year.
As the summer weather creeps in, be sure to check to see if your headlights' output is affected by the heat and humidity.
Summer Weather can Reduce Output of Headlights
Lighting experts say that drivers should be particularly mindful of their vehicle's headlights when temperatures are hot and humid.
Experts have asserted that the the government needs to enforce stronger building codes to offset climate change effects.
NAMIC: Government Must do More to Curb Effects of Mother Nature
The National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies says lawmakers should create incentives for states to enforce more rigorous build codes.
When you're choosing your next family pet, keep these dog breeds in mind.
3 Great Dog Breeds for Your Family
With today being National Dog Day, enjoy the companionship that canines bring with one of these breeds.
A new report has confirmed that Honda's Civic and Accord auto models are the most stolen car in the country.
Most Frequently Stolen Vehicle of 2013
The Civic and Accord, both made by Honda, were the most frequently stolen and recovered car models last year, according to LoJack.
Fire damages costs have been rising for more than 30 years, according to a new report from the NFPA.
NFPA: Fire Damage Expenses Up Significantly Since 1980
The National Fire Protection Association says the total cost of fires in the U.S. has increased by 34% in the past three decades.
Despite many teens believing texting behind the wheel is more dangerous than skydiving, many still do it.
Texting and Driving Habits of Teens
Notwithstanding the dangers, many teens still text and drive, according to new polling data.
Americans may not have a very clear idea of what leads to a mandatory evacuation.
Determining Factors in a Hurricane Evacuation
8 in 10 Americans incorrectly believe that evacuation boundaries are affected by hurricane category, according to a FLASH survey.
A new report has found that smartphone theft is a growing concern around the country.
Smartphone Theft On The Rise
Consumer Reports says 3.1 million smartphones were stolen last year, twice the rate of 2012.
The American Kennel Club is reminding the country to keep pet fire safety in mind.
Keep your pet protected this 'Pet Fire Safety Day'
Approximately a half-million pets are affected by a fire in the home each year, according to the American Kennel Club.
There are a lot of advantages to owning a used car, one of them being that policyholders can traditionally save on their auto insurance premiums.
What used cars to avoid
Consumer Reports recently put together a list of used vehicles to steer clear of and what serve as good alternatives.
A large number of Americans are learning about new auto technologies by renting cars.
Poll: Car Buyers Opting out of Test Drives
Half of consumers say that they got their first taste of new automotive systems after renting a car.
Just because a hurricane season is predicted to be weak doesn't mean the individual storms won't be powerful.
Inactive hurricane seasons have produced big storms
Safety organizations and the insurance industry remind U.S. residents that historically quiet hurricane seasons can still be damaging.
Cameras mounted on the back of cars are more effective at detecting blockages in the road than parking sensors are, according to recent analysis.
Vehicle-mounted cameras superior
The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety finds that rear cameras do a better job at reducing blind zones than parking sensors.
As car theft season draws closer, NHTSA is warning all vehicle owners to take caution.
Peak Season for Vehicle Theft
Peak season for cars being stolen is July and August, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
If new forecasts are correct, 2014 won't be a disastrous year when it comes to hurricanes.
2014 Hurricane Forecast Predictions
Colorado State University climatologists say 2014 could be a repeat of 2013, when hurricanes were few and far between.
Graco recently issued a voluntary recall on its child seat harness buckles.
Graco issues voluntary recall on child seat harness buckles
The recall is over reported issues of buckles becoming difficult to open once kids are strapped into their child safety seats.
Although new hands-free technologies have become commonplace, experts assert these still come with inherent danger.
NSC says hands-free technology still poses crash risk
The National Safety Council indicates that hands-free devices are just as dangerous as handheld cellphones when it comes to distracted driving.
The number of insurance claims following automotive recalls may be on the decline.
Auto insurance claims less frequent after recalls than before
The Highway Loss Data Institute recently revealed a study that shows why it's so important to act on safety recalls when they're issued.
A new study has found Americans are willing to spend higher amounts on their wedding day than in the past.
Americans broaden budgets for wedding expenses
Not including the honeymoon, the average couple spent nearly $30,000 for their wedding last year, according to The
The National Safety Council’s latest fact sheet uncovers the most common injuries Americans suffer.
NSC releases latest injury report
The National Safety Council published its 2014 edition of 'Injury Facts,' which delves into what types of injuries there have been nationwide.
The more than two decade streak of the Lab being the most popular breed is the longest reign for any one variety of dog in AKC's history.
Labrador Retriever maintains dominance in breed popularity
Large breeds were preferred over smaller ones in 2013, according to numbers released by the American Kennel Club.
Don't let your Memorial Day weekend fun go up in smoke.
Make grilling safety a priority this Memorial Day weekend
Celebrate those who served and barbecue safely with these tips from the U.S. Fire Administration.
Even at points in the year where high water levels aren't as pervasive a threat, investing in flood insurance is a smart move to make, the Federal Emergency Management Agency recently advised.
FEMA: Flood risk never ceases
The Federal Emergency Management Agency recently issued a reminder about why flood insurance is important to have no matter what time of year it may be.
Even a slight amount of alcohol increases the risk of filing an auto insurance claim due to a car crash.
Even low doses of alcohol too much for driving, report finds
A University of California, San Diego study suggests that any amount of alcohol consumption is a vehicle operation safety hazard.
Of the 11 so-called "minicars" that were tested, only one received an acceptable rating in the small overlap front crash test.
IIHS: Minicars test poorly in crash analysis
The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says the 2014 crop of tiny automobiles are the worst performing in crash testing.
Homeowners who don't have a flood insurance policy in place may want to consider

one, even if they're in an area where flooding isn't common.
Report reveals fickle nature of seasonal weather
An Aon Benfield study explains that Mother Nature had lots of twists and turns in the last full month of winter.
Just when it looked as though we might be out of the woods, there is another weather phenomenon to be cognizant of: spring thaw.
With winter over, spring thaw arrives
How to prepare your home for the effects of snowmelt and spring thaw, which can result in flooding issues if not fully addressed.
In a recent survey, more than two-thirds of the 1,400 retail business owners who responded to the poll said that they weren't worried about credit card security at their companies.
Business owners not so worried about credit card security
The highly publicized Target data breach hasn't phased many entrepreneurs, according to a new survey.
Even a slight amount of alcohol increases the risk of filing an auto insurance claim due to a car crash.
Even low doses of alcohol too much for driving, report finds
A University of California, San Diego study suggests that any amount of alcohol consumption is a vehicle operation safety hazard.
He added that to prevent kids from being injured in shopping carts - which typically occurs when the carriages tip over - it's high time that shopping cart safety standards be strengthened.
Shopping-cart injuries among children common
A new report indicates that 24,000 kids are seriously hurt each year by a shopping cart.
For those who enjoy the outdoors, a preferred vehicle purchase is the sport-utility vehicle.
2014's best SUVs for the money
Kelley Blue Book indicates that the Honda CR-V is the best SUV to buy that's less than $25,000.
Many Americans expect homes to become more equipped with smart technology, or interfaces that allow consumers to access the Internet through devices like televisions, DVD players, home security systems and thermostats.
Embracing a world of 'Internet of Everything'
A new survey indicates that U.S. consumers anticipate more of their world being connected with the World Wide Web.
The report also indicated that roughly 50% of the chicken breasts that were sampled had one or more strands of bacterium that were resistant to multiple types of antibiotics.
Consumer Reports indicates food-borne illness found on nearly all chicken breasts
More than nine in 10 of the chicken breasts analyzed by Consumer Reports tested positive for bacteria late last year, all of which were purchased at grocery stores.
Alcohol detection technology systems may help reduce the impact of drunk driving.
Automakers continue researching anti-drunk driving technology
The Department of Transportation and the automotive industry hope that through research, modern-day technology can make impaired driving a non-issue.
In a recent poll, employees noted that they would not use all of their sabbatical time.
Many workers leave vacation time on the table
For third consecutive year, most employees in the U.S. didn't take all of their time off in 2013.
It may also be due to drivers going several miles per hour over the speed limit in order to get to work on time.
Extra hour of daylight brings uptick in accidents
The Monday following Daylight Savings Time tends to result in more crashes, according to research.
In a handful of generator-related deaths, individuals were using them because their electricity had been turned off by utility companies due to non-payment or dispute over a bill.
Portable generators No. 1 cause of carbon monoxide death
The Consumer Product Safety Commission says that 800 of the more than 930 CO-related deaths from 1999 to 2012 were caused by generators.
Perhaps the biggest reason why Christmas trees are particularly flammable the longer they're up has to do with their drying out.
Christmas decorations still up? Why it's time to take them down
Homeowners and renters who leave their holiday ornaments up for a long time increase their risk for a fire.
Many climatologists say that the prevalence of flooding - and in so doing, flood insurance claims - is largely the result of climate change.
Fighting the effects of climate change
The National Research Council says that the forecasting tools currently in place aren't adequate.
Census Bureau numbers illustrated that about four in 10 moved to a location that was within 50 miles of their former home.
Many on the move last year
The U.S. Census Bureau says that the mover rate held steady from 2012 through 2013.
Food labels and front of package claims are there to help consumers make informed choices.
Consumers perplexed by product health claims
Survey data commissioned by The Sugar Association indicates that health-conscious Americans can't help but feel misled by some labeling practices.
Fortunately, most of these accidents aren't life-threatening.
Accidents, breaks common over the holiday season
One in eight Americans says they've damaged an electronic item around Christmastime.
Although smart phones can be broken by anyone, younger consumers tend to do it in higher frequency.
Portable devices breaking more frequently
With more kids toting wireless devices, half of parents say they've owned one that's been damaged.
Despite alcohol's availability, respondents pointed out that it is a one-of-a-kind product that not just anyone should be able to access.
Survey: Consumers respect liquor laws
A poll performed by the Center for Alcohol Policy finds that Americans think the regulations on alcohol are appropriate.
As cognizant and well informed many consumers may be about their nutrition, even clean labels don't guarantee they won't be affected by food poisoning.
Consumers less certain about food safety
Fewer Americans are sure that what they're eating is pathogen-free, according to polling data.
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