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8/23/2013 - Renovation plans on many homeowners' summer 'to do' lists

A report found three in five homeowners plan to do some form of remodeling at their residences this year.

Despite it being a time of year in which real estate activity tends to diminish, a considerable number of people say that they will likely take on a home improvement project in the summer months to beautify their residence.

According to home listing and information firm Zillow, approximately 60% of respondents in a recent poll said that they are planning to renovate their property this year or make a major addition to it.

Cynthia Nowak, trend expert at Zillow, pointed out that many people appear to be focused on the exterior landscapes of their homes this year.

"As we head into the long days of summer, we are seeing increased interest in outdoor spaces with very natural elements such as stone fireplaces, as well as bringing more light into bathrooms with clear glass on the walls and shower enclosures," said Nowak.

The poll also found that younger homeowners - or those between 18 and 34 years of age - are the most likely to revamp their residence among specific age groups.

Many of the upgrades that a homeowner makes can add to the value of the residence. Policyholders should be sure to get in touch with their homeowners insurance provider to inform them of renovation intentions and ask if a plan adjustment is necessary.

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