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5/13/2013 - It's clear: People love the hamburger

Party hosts should inquire if their guests have any allergies before serving them certain foods.

Nothing screams summer quite like a thick, juicy hamburger straight off the grill. And as new data shows, Americans today eat more than their fair share of all-beef patties sandwiched between two slices of bread.

To celebrate National Burger Month, restaurant and lodging accommodations company Hard Rock Cafe surveyed a variety of people not only within the U.S. but throughout the world, in attempt to determine just how frequently individuals have this staple meal selection that's found on a countless number of menus and grocery lists. Their findings indicated as such, as nearly 75% of those polled said that they had between one and five hamburgers each month.

Hamburger fans know what they want accompanying their sandwich as well, as approximately 22% said that cheese was their favorite topping. As for the specific type of cheese, more than half said they preferred cheddar over American.

And even though a lot of people want to watch their weight by avoiding carbohydrates, the majority of people polled, (89%) said they wouldn't think of having a burger without the bun.

Burgers best served grilled, not fried
They also know how they want their burgers cooked. In a separate poll conducted online by OK! Cupid exclusively among men, respondents said they preferred grilled over fried by a ratio of eight to one. And when women were asked how they liked theirs prepared, 45% said they like to keep it simple, adding mustard, ketchup and pickles.

Not only is May National Burger Month, but this is Food Allergy Awareness Week. And while few people are allergic to beef, millions have an inability to digest gluten, a protein that's found in many foods, including buns. In fact, according to health statistics collected by the mobile app Fooducate, more than 18 million people have Celiac Disease, the condition most frequently associated with gluten intolerance.

While it's hard to imagine that someone would sue a friend for unintentionally serving them something they were allergic to, it's important to err on the side of caution. When hosting a party or gathering, party hosts should ensure they have the proper general liability insurance policy in the off chance that their brought to court after a guest - or their child - experiences a medical issue resulting from food poisoning or an allergy.

According to the American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology, 30% of children who are allergic to one food are also allergic to others.

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