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Commercial Connections – Vol 2, Iss. 3, 2013

Are Your Workers Compensation Costs 'on Drugs'?

You're aware of on-the-job injuries, but have you overlooked drug costs as a major problem? For many years, the National Council of Compensation Insurance (NCCI) has studied workers compensation cost drivers.

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SYOD, Not BYOD, for Information Security

As ever more powerful and convenient mobile devices proliferate, employees want to use their favorite tools for working. The result? "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) has swept into the workplace.

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One Rogue Boss Spells Major Damage

While you may believe your workplace to be open and nondiscriminatory, the researchers at eBossWatch (well-known for their annual "America's Worst Bosses" list) regularly find small businesses at the losing end of lawsuits…

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Be Prepared for Weather Emergencies

Weather emergencies, be they tornadoes, blizzards or flash flooding, threaten major damage to your property. That is why we highly recommend adequate insurance protection for just such losses.

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Properly Perform that Lift, or You'll Need a Lift to the Hospital

Everyone knows lifting heavy objects is not safe. Or do they? Strains-primarily due to lifting-are one of the top three loss drivers of workers compensation claims. Clearly many employees are either unaware of lifting dangers…

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Few Locations Immune to Flooding

Many business owners think they only need to be concerned about flood coverage if they are located in areas at high risk of flooding, such as along a river, lake or ocean. Yet according to the National Flood Insurance Program…

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Sandy: Major Surprise, but No Fall Fluke

Last October's Superstorm Sandy caused unprecedented catastrophic damage and destruction. If you think that a hurricane or tropical storm striking the upper Atlantic Coast or New England is a historical oddity…

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