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Yes, Even Snow-Covered Buildings Burn!

It may seem obvious, especially with the increased use of heating systems, that fires are still a risk even in the cold of winter. Yet while many businesses plan for winter weather by clearing gutters and preparing for icy parking areas, how many inspect and winterize their fire protection systems?

Safety experts at Selective recommend just such a focused review of your company's fire protection. They have prepared a “Winter Weather Checklist" as a downloadable form for your use at: Winter checklist. Included on the checklist are such safety tasks as:

  • Understanding step-by-step procedures to follow in case of system leaks.
  • Covering openings of concealed areas such as attics and crawl spaces.
  • Repairing broken or leaking windows and doors.
  • Securing an adequate fuel supply for heat sources.
  • Visually inspecting dry pipe system air pressure.
  • Starting fire pumps weekly.
  • Marking hydrants, valves and fire department connections, so they can be found easily in deep snow.
  • Draining and lubricating fire hydrants and control valves.

For more valuable winter safety tips, contact the experts at Selective or your local insurance provider.

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