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3 Keys to an Effective Safety Management Program

Although creating a comprehensive safety management program can involve numerous and sometimes complex steps and procedures, it is important to be certain all of those details fully address three key questions:

  • Does your program help create and maintain the safest possible workplace for your employees?
  • Does your safety management program assist in reducing accidents?
  • Does your program help in managing your insurance costs?

Each question can be addressed with a myriad of safety management services, along with online tools and resources, available from Selective and your insurance provider.

Just a few of the safety management services are: best practices assessments, driver and fleet safety programs, premises liability reviews, workers' compensation cost containment, sprinkler system evaluation, regulatory guidance, and exposure-reduction consultations.

A growing library of online resources includes such items as coverage-specific safety information, checklists, OSHA publications, videos, defensive driving courses, drug-free workplace kits, and liability fact sheets.

Take advantage of these resources to address those three key questions and make your workplace safety state-of-the-art.

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