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Commercial Connections – Vol 3, Iss. 1, 2014

Lessor or Lessee, Be Certain of Your Coverage

Picture the typical business location. Equipment is supplied from any number of sources — sometimes due to short-term needs, other times simply for financial convenience. Consider copiers, office furniture, trash receptacles, fencing, and construction-site scaffolding...

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Hiring Youths During School Breaks?

Just remember younger workers bring unique and often substantial risks for work-related injuries and illnesses. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration offers an abundance of helpful advice and tips.

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Don't Forget 'Non-digital Firewalls'

With all the recent publicity about digital hackers, cyber security concerns and virus protection, businesses may overlook the very real chance of plain old-fashioned physical access breach.

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D&O Not Just for Public Companies

Far too many business owners seem to think the need for directors and officers (D&O) liability and similar management liability insurance (MLI) is only for public companies. If you number yourself among them…

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Planning Summer Travel?

If business travel takes you abroad, keep in mind your business insurance protection may not follow. Whether thinking about employee illness or injuries under workers compensation, driving an auto in a foreign country…

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Bringing Out That Stored Equipment Now That Winter's Gone?

Take the advice of experienced professionals: Develop maintenance and retrieval plans specific to both your workplace and the type of equipment your business uses. Following a well-organized and scheduled process for restoring stored equipment to use...

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Don't Get Bogged Down in Spring Thaw

As spring approaches, many businesses — particularly builders — eagerly anticipate the full-blown resumption of projects and operations shut down by winter conditions. But builders who cannot wait for the final snow melt and ground thaw in their rush to get a head start on projects...

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