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Bringing Out That Stored Equipment Now That Winter's Gone?

Take the advice of experienced professionals: Develop maintenance and retrieval plans specific to both your workplace and the type of equipment your business uses. Following a well-organized and scheduled process for restoring stored equipment to use — ensuring that damaged or defective equipment is properly repaired or replaced prior to putting it back into service — is essential for both safety and protection of your investment. Here are a few specific requirements for such a maintenance and retrieval plan:

  • A copy of any maintenance requirements or schedule provided by the equipment manufacturer.
  • Systematic plan for tagging and removing damaged or defective tools and equipment.
  • Checklists and verifications to be certain schedules are followed.
  • Proper training and certification of personnel to repair, maintain, and operate the equipment.
  • Maintenance records, including times and dates, noting work done and by whom.

And to be certain you are properly protected against injury arising from or damage to your valuable equipment assets, talk with our coverage professionals prior to resuming full equipment operation.

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