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Don't Forget 'Non-digital Firewalls'

With all the recent publicity about digital hackers, cyber security concerns and virus protection, businesses may overlook the very real chance of plain old-fashioned physical access breach. If your business has areas where others are not freely allowed, perhaps for security or safety reasons, be certain your physical safeguards are in place as actual prohibitions to entry, not mere annoying delays. According to security experts, here are a few effective tools and tips to consider:

  • Locks. This is the simplest way to restrict access. If your keys could be duplicated, you should change the lock and key periodically in order to render any unauthorized duplicates unusable, while still keeping the flexibility of a nonproprietary key.
  • Keyless lock or electronic code entrances. These systems require a user to enter a code to gain access, but their effectiveness depends on your diligence in changing and assigning the code. Obviously, a universal code that is never changed eventually will become common knowledge. The best approach, if possible, is to assign a unique code to each employee, so that if any one employee leaves the company, his or her access can be deactivated.
  • Access control cards are the most effective means of protecting a business. Integrated into a building's structure, a full-featured access control card system allows a business the flexibility to handle special situations, changing staff, and distributed environments. Such a system can control everything from doors and elevators to the lighting and the heating and cooling system. Every employee is assigned an access control card that grants or denies a set of individualized rights. A potential downside is that full-featured access control card systems can be expensive.

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