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Commercial Connections – Vol 3, Iss. 2, 2014

Need a Great Business Insurance Overview?

Although insurance is important, it is only one among the multitude of issues every business owner must juggle in the quest to build a successful enterprise. The rhyme and reason of "Why business insurance?" may sometimes get lost in the plethora of everyday decisions.

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Warm Up Shouldn't Mean Overheat

Warmer weather brings an end to the dangers of snow, ice, and sleet, but also heralds the season of heat stroke. Don’t let employees working in the glowing sun of summer become a journey into the hospital or worse. Here are a few heat stroke prevention tips...

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Avoid Summer Workplace Vampires

Summer is upon us and that means mosquitoes. While your workplace and job requirements obviously must be a priority, to the extent you can, create a safer outdoor work environment by following as many of the following tips as possible:

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Can They Hear You Now?

Are any of your employees among the estimated 10 million Americans who lose some of their hearing each year due to exposure to loud noises? According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), hearing loss caused by loud noise is a common occupational disease...

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Looking for Selective Help or Insurance Info? There's an App for That!

Love your mobile device? Wish you could easily connect with us to: Review your Selective account?, View policy information?, Pay your insurance bill?, Report a claim?, Get claim tips?...

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About Cyber Risks: One Hand Must Talk to the Other

How else to interpret the results of a recent major survey conducted among Fortune 1000 retailers? On the one hand, the retailers: Reported exposure to privacy/loss of confidential data: 74%. Reported exposure to loss of reputation: 66%...

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Tornadoes: They Don't Get Names, but Still Wreak Havoc

Hurricane season’s approach often generates lots of media attention on past disasters and predictions for the upcoming season. Even the names to be assigned generate headlines and analysis.

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Get Ready for 2014 Hurricane Season

Winter may have its groundhog and farmers their almanac, but when it comes to hurricane season predictions, millions turn to Colorado State University’s Philip Klotzbach and William Gray. For many years, the two have been researching the behaviors and origins of hurricanes...

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