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Personal Connections – Vol 2, Iss. 3, 2013

Store the Car, but Not the Protection

As winter approaches, many people travel south to warmer climates, often leaving their cars in storage for the cold months. Those folks may wonder why they should keep paying for auto insurance beyond physical damage…

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Fall Maintenance

Many homeowners find fall's moderate weather the perfect time to tackle home and yard projects. And if those projects also are great preparation for the coming cold, so much the better! Here are a few maintenance tips…

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Inventory Your Property

Fall is a perfect time to create or update your home inventory - while you already are doing fall maintenance and preparing for winter. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), nearly half of U.S. consumers are…

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Will Your Car Soon Be Driving You?

Dare to dream. Your car could: Notify you of blind spots. Offer parking assistance, include a forward-collision avoidance system that properly applies the brakes, warn you if you wander from your traffic lane…

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Tow Trucks Can Bring Trouble

A truly welcome sight to any stranded driver is the arrival of the tow truck. A friendly operator soon has you hooked up and on your way to a local garage that promises to have you back on the road in no time.

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Hurricane Evacuation: Do You Have a Plan?

Without proper planning, you may find yourself stuck in endless traffic, taking the wrong roads, running out of fuel or supplies, or otherwise in danger instead of a safe place. Better to plan ahead with these guidelines…

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Hiking This Fall? Don't Let Fatigue Foil Your Fun

Fall's cooler temperatures, milder weather, and changing leaf colors draw many out of their air-conditioned cocoons, armed with a packed lunch, for a relaxing day's hike in the woods. But for too many, lack of proper preparation leads to fatigue.

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