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Personal Connections – Vol 2, Iss. 4, 2013

Tailor Your Insurance to Your Hobbies

Do you love being out on the water? Does a perfect day include taking out that canoe, hooking up an outboard trailer to the truck, or sailing with the kids? Or are you counting the days until snow time?

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Identity Thieves Getting More Creative

Recently a major department store, Nordstrom, found that a group of bold crooks had attached "skimmers" to the electronic cash registers at one of its stores. The skimmers were inexpensive and barely noticeable, but they were capable of intercepting credit card transactions

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Will You Be 'Waiver-ing' at the Rental Car Counter?

It's winter! Warmer climes and snow-covered ski resorts are calling! Throngs of excited vacationers will find themselves frozen at the rental car counter, facing one of the most dreaded of all vacation conundrums: Do I buy the rental car damage waiver or not?

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Would You Like Auto with That Home? Or Vice Versa?

You have your auto, and you have your home or apartment. You understand the value of properly insuring both in case of loss or liability. But have you considered the value of combining those two typically separate policies – along with your umbrella liability, flood coverage or other personal insurance policies

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Company Cars Create Coverage Complexities

Is one of the benefits or perks of your job a company car? Congratulations! Now the questions: If you were to cause injury or damage to another with that car, what protection do you have for any resulting claims or lawsuits?

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What if Melting Snow and Ice Pools in Your Basement?

The snow melts. The ice thaws. The spring rains begin. And your basement fills with water. Congratulations! You finally have that indoor swimming pool you always wanted! Only as you put in your laps, gazing downward through your goggles, you see not coral and sand, but your washer, dryer, furnace, home theater

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When to Pray for Snow, Not Rain

The temperature is dropping and the forecast is for precipitation. Experienced winter drivers want to know: Will the temps stay high enough for cold rain? Drop far enough to bring on snow? Or, in the worst case scenario, will the falling temperature halt right in the middle of the two extremes?

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Do You Know the Warning Signs for Tornadoes?

Everyone knows about funnel clouds. But by the time you see one, there is no time left to prepare and seek shelter. The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration Storm Prediction Center offers the following signs that a tornado may be imminent:

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Here Come the Nor'easters!

Take hurricane winds. Add freezing rains, blasting snows, and a wind chill that can impact your body as if the temperature were 30 degrees lower. Now have all that blow in off the ocean from the northeast. Congratulations! Prepare yourself to experience one of winter's most ferocious storms — what local folks refer to as a "nor'easter"!

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