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Identity Thieves Getting More Creative

Recently a major department store, Nordstrom, found that a group of bold crooks had attached "skimmers" to the electronic cash registers at one of its stores. The skimmers were inexpensive and barely noticeable, but they were capable of intercepting credit card transactions between the card readers and registers, then storing the numbers for later retrieval and use for fraudulent purchases. Fortunately Nordstrom security cameras revealed the plot and the skimmers were removed, but the crooks' scheme might have worked to impair the credit of unwary shoppers.

Identity thieves are getting more creative. Numerous authorities regularly remind you of the increasing threat of identity theft. They urge you to take precautions to protect your ever-growing digital data trove from those who would seek to use your credit for purchases, drain your bank accounts or run up debts in your name. They suggest you employ risk management techniques, such as strong passwords, PINs, virus protection, Internet firewalls, practicing “safe social networking,” and regularly checking your credit bureau accounts. Those techniques are incredibly valuable in protecting your personal data and credit accounts.

But there is also a growing need to be sure you have proper insurance protection in place, since even the most prudent of us may fall prey to highly creative technology thieves. Identity theft coverage adds one more layer of protection for those times when even the best preparations fall short. Talk with your insurance representative today about identity theft options for your current personal protection program.

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