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Tailor Your Insurance to Your Hobbies

Do you love being out on the water? Does a perfect day include taking out that canoe, hooking up an outboard trailer to the truck, or sailing with the kids?

Or are you counting the days until snow time? Is your favorite water frozen and your favorite direction downhill? Maybe your powered craft is a snowmobile or your sailboat is an ice yacht.

Be sure your homeowners insurance won’t prove to be all wet after an accident or theft. Standard homeowners policies often have limitations on the types of watercraft or vehicles covered. Those limitations take into consideration such factors as length, horsepower, where the item is used, who is operating, and whether the property is owned or rented. Talk with your agent today about best practices for recreational safety and to assess your current protection. Your agent can show you options to provide coverage where your current policy may have limits or exclusions.

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