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Spring Cleaning? Avoid a Trip to the Doctor

Spring cleaning your home can be a refreshing way to get your nest aired out and spruced up after the close quarters of winter. If your personal project involves a whole house refresh or just a brightening up of a few well-worn areas, here are a few tips that you should keep in mind to help avoid simple strain or a potentially costly trip to the emergency room:

  1. Stay cool. Stand in front of a fan if necessary. Drink lots of water.
  2. If moving furniture, remember the basics: lift with the legs or don't lift at all!
  3. Have a partner when planning to work on ladders and tall step stools.
  4. Clearly mark wet floors and surfaces.
  5. Warn people if clutter is present. Clutter can be a dangerous hazard if it accumulates in areas that are normally clear and people don't know to expect obstacles.
  6. Make multiple trips, and don't lift too much at a time.
  7. If dusting or using cleaners that require a mask or gloves, wear a mask or gloves!
  8. Don't leave buckets of liquid in places where they could spill and create a slip-and-fall exposure.
  9. Properly store all cleaning supplies.

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