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Will Your Car Soon Be Driving You?

Does your new car automatically notify you of blind spots? Provide a back-up camera? Offer parking assistance? Include a forward collision avoidance system that properly applies the brakes — without you? Warn you if you wander from your traffic lane? Have headlights that shift in the direction you are steering to allow you to see around a curve in the dark?

Once the stuff of science fiction, these devices are now available on real cars in the real world. When these safety devices are added to past proven safety enhancements such as seat belts and air bags, the Highway Loss Data Institute has found often significant increases in protection for you and your passengers, as well as reduced accident rates.

All of that improvement, whether in personal safety or less damage to your cars, is both a good thing for your lifestyle and an excellent development for your auto insurance. Contact your agent today for both information on the latest in auto safety as well as applicable discounts that may be available for your auto coverage when your car is outfitted with such devices.

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