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Personal Connections – Vol 3, Iss. 2, 2014

Homeowners Insurance Isn't Just to Keep Your Mortgagee Happy

Many folks don't seriously consider the need for a homeowners insurance policy until they are told one is required to close on the purchase of their new home. And except for paying the annual renewal premium or at time of a claim, that may be the last time many people...

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Don't Celebrate Winter's End by Overheating!

Warmer summer weather may be a relief after winter’s snow, ice, and sleet, but too much of a good thing leads far too many into the perils of heat stroke. Don’t let playing in the glowing sun of summer become a journey to the hospital or worse…

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The Mosquitoes Are A Buzzin'

While we doubt Cole Porter ever meant to include a reference to one of our favorite national pests in his famed lyrics, it is a simple fact that summertime means more standing water, breeding habitat and potential hosts — all conducive to a rapid increase in insect populations...

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Looking for Selective Help Or Insurance Info? There's an App for That!

Love your mobile device? Wish you could easily connect with us to review your Selective account, pay your insurance bill, report a claim or simply contact your agent and customer support?

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Are You Ready for Summer Storms?

Whether your area is most likely to be affected by hurricanes, tornadoes or those sudden, lightning-filled violent thunderstorms, summer is the season for severe weather. Are you prepared?

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Do Thieves Covet Your Car?

That new car you just couldn’t wait to own may be attractive to thieves, too. In August 2013, the National Insurance Crime Bureau released its list of the top 10 most stolen vehicles:…

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Swimming in a Lake or River? Be Safe!

While it may seem obvious that swimming in a lake or river requires different safety tips than a backyard swimming pool, many still overlook simple tips that can mean the difference between a fun outdoor outing and a nightmare. The Red Cross offers a wealth of swimming safety advice...

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Safe Frolicking at the Beach

A summer day at the beach inspires visions of sand castles, sunshine, picnics and frolicking in the surf. But don’t forget that ocean is far more than a big swimming pool. Recognizing and planning for the unique risks of coastal waters can mean the difference between a fun day and a total nightmare...

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