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Fall Maintenance is Perfect Winter Prep

With summer heat fading, but winter not yet upon us, many homeowners find fall’s moderate weather the perfect time to tackle those home and yard projects. And if those projects are also great preparation for the coming cold, you have a win-win! Here are a few maintenance tips that will improve your home and get your property in great shape for harsher winter conditions:

  • Masonry. Patch cracks, fix leaks, and repaint where needed.
  • Trees and shrubs. Trim and prune, paying special attention to any limbs that may threaten to damage your property during snow or ice storms.
  • Gutters. Remove debris and verify all drainage is unblocked and free-flowing.
  • Roofts. Clean off debris, and repair or replace broken or damaged shingles.
  • Windows and doors. Ensure effective insulation by re-caulking or adding or replacing weatherstripping.
  • Attic. Seal any entryways that may admit nesting rodents or other pests. Verify adequate insulation to prevent or minimize ice dams.
  • Fireplace and chimney. Inspect and clean to prepare for warming fires.

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