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You Trust Us for Homeowners Protection. Want Auto with That?

“Would you like fries and a drink with that?” Every person who has ever frequented a fast food or casual dining establishment is familiar with the “combo” — combine that sandwich or food item with a drink and a side of fries, chips or fruit, and you get a “meal deal” that costs less than the total price of the items purchased separately.

Why not take advantage of “combo pricing” with your personal insurance? If you already have a homeowners policy with Selective, consider adding car insurance — as well as other personal coverages — to the package. Your “combo” could include not only discounted pricing, but also broader coverage. In addition, you’ll get the convenience of Selective billing, service, and claims handling across all of your personal policies, not just your homeowners policy.

Schedule a time to talk with your agent about ordering your Selective “combo” today.

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