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Corporate Positions

By establishing pricing and reserving levels based upon actuarial standards, these professionals develop pricing for Commercial and Personal Lines, loss reserve analysis, consult on underwriting matters, ensure proper reporting and filing of rates, capital modeling, and predictive modeling for claims and underwriting. There is also an opportunity to assist in new product development and reinsurance pricing. These positions generally require a specialized educational background in mathematics and require continuing education through the actuarial exam process leading to accreditation in the Casualty Actuarial Society.

These positions are responsible for the organization’s financial infrastructure and include activities related to: reporting clear and accurate financial and tax data; developing, monitoring and testing the control environment; enterprise risk management; capital management; and cash and investment portfolio management. Functions generally included in this job family are: accounting; procurement; financial planning & analysis; tax; treasury; enterprise risk management; reinsurance; investment portfolio management; internal audit; and investor relations.

Human Resources:
Professionals in this area ensure the organization attains its strategy to attract, retain, develop and motivate a highly-skilled and diverse workforce. Functions included in this job family typically include: recruiting, learning and development, employee relations, benefits and compensation, human resources information systems and payroll.

The positions in this family are generally attorneys, paralegals, and compliance professionals who provide legal and compliance advice to the corporation and its insurance subsidiaries. Some of these positions also manage outside and/or staff counsel defending the corporation, its insurance subsidiaries, or insureds. These positions usually require specialized educational backgrounds or specialized relevant work experiences that are not easily transferable from other positions.

Through strategic planning and deployment of brand-building, customer-acquisition, agency management, product sales, and service support functions, these professionals help Selective successfully achieve business objectives. Typical positions include: brand management, marketing communications, creative development, design, digital and social media, and market insights roles.