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Selective Flood Agents

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Risk Management is Good For Business

At Selective we believe that a strong risk management program is good for business. We have been advising organizations like yours on how to better protect their resources since 1926. With our Safety Management expertise and your commitment, you don’t have to be a risk management expert to protect your property and equipment, create the safest possible environment for employees and customers, and achieve your risk reduction objectives. With Safety Management’s online self-service resources, your goals can be achieved with little or no cost to you.

Many companies believe that risk and safety management strategies are something that only large organizations understand and can benefit from. However, by becoming a policyholder, you can partner with Selective and gain access to those same strategies and resources already developed and prepared for your implementation.

So whether you employ 10 people or 1,000, we can help you reduce the potential for injuries to your workers, your customers and damage to your property or possessions. Additionally, as a Selective policyholder, additional resources, such as online training and education, are available to you and your employees.