About Our Advertising

You expect your insurance company to pay covered claims, but the standard we set at Selective is much higher. We want our customers to experience “Diamond Moments” of service, when going above and beyond is a daily occurrence. Our “Diamond Moments” campaign highlights real-world instances when our employees provided the kind of exemplary service that helps define The Selective Customer Experience.

At Selective, we’re committed to consistently providing you with insurance solutions that demonstrate the value, strength, longevity, and brilliance you deserve.

Radio Spots

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Television Ads

At Selective, insurance is in our DNA. We call it the diamond gene, and it helps us deliver what you want from an insurance company: value, strength, longevity, and brilliance. These characteristics – found in our independent agents, broad products and talented specialists – are highlighted in our new marketing campaign, "Find the Diamond."

Check out the television commercials from the campaign and learn how finding the diamond can bring you peace of mind.