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PaySync® Flexible Payment Plan

Every Business Has Its Season

Your peak times may come when the establishment down the street is idle — or vice versa. Because one size doesn’t fit all, PaySync®, Selective’s flexible payment program, adjusts your premium installments to match the unique flow of your business. That way, you keep precious cash on hand when you need it most.

And with PaySync®, there are no installment fees or down payments — so you get the full benefit of the additional liquidity. PaySync® is available for workers compensation and the accompanying commercial package policy premiums.

After you've talked to your agent about PaySync® and your policy is issued, here's how it works:

Workers Compensation

  1. Complete registration for PaySync® by visiting Selective's Customer Self-Service Portal
  2. Indicate who will be submitting your payroll for each pay cycle:
    • Self-Report: If your business will be submitting the payroll information each pay cycle, follow the self-reporting instructions.
    • Payroll Company: If your payroll company is willing to submit your payroll information in the specified format, enter their contact information and we will reach out to them to explain how the payroll submission process works.
  3. Each time payroll is submitted, Selective will send you an email notification with your business' workers compensation premium for that pay period.
  4. Two days later, the specified premium amount will be direct-debited from your business' bank account.

Commercial Package Policy

  1. The policy's estimated annual premium will be divided by your number of pay cycles (e.g. monthly (12), bi-monthly (24)).
  2. Selective will set up a schedule of payments to be direct debited and you can view that information on the Customer Self-Service portal.

Want to learn more? Contact your Selective agent today.