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Corporate Social Responsibility

As a corporate member of society, Selective considers these values integral to our business:

  • serving our customers faithfully;  
  • helping our employees succeed professionally;
  • improving the natural environment; and
  • doing all we can to uplift our communities.

These are the ideals of citizenship we strive to live by every day.

Our actions embody these ideals. Many of our employees take a paid day off from their jobs to volunteer at the charities of their choice. Many more carve countless hours out of their busy lives to serve non-profit organizations in their off hours. These employees represent the essence of Selective – the desire to leave society better than we found it.

As a company, we strive to create an environment where people feel empowered to bring about positive change and build communities where more people can share in the dream of better tomorrows.

To share your views on Selective’s social responsibility efforts: Email: corpsocialresponsibility@selective.com