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Community Support

The Selective Insurance Group Foundation offers grants to not-for- profit, 501(c)(3) organizations that provide health and human services, promote civic responsibility and support home, auto and business safety.

Last year, the Foundation donated to a variety of organizations, including:

  • Hospital foundations and other health and human services organizations;
  • Various land and nature conservancies; and
  • Local fire, police and rescue organizations.

Additionally, employees from across the company gave generously of their time, talents and efforts:

  • Many took advantage of the company sponsored program to get a paid day off for volunteering.
  • Many donated their own time to serve on Boards for organizations in their communities.
  • They raised funds, collected items, donated blood and spread awareness of the causes that meant most to them.
  • Some applied for and received Employee Volunteer Grants for their designated organizations. 

To share your views on Selective’s social responsibility efforts: Email: corpsocialresponsibility@selective.com.