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Employees and Partners

Our more than 2,000 employees are our greatest asset. We strive to create a workplace that respects their unique strengths as it fosters teamwork, learning and productivity. Celebrating diversity is part of our culture; we recognize that when employees with diverse cultural backgrounds, ideas and experiences work side by side, we are all enriched.

Here are just a few of the ways our workplace supports our employees and business partners:

Offering company policies that favor work-life balance

  • Paid time-off
  • Tuition assistance
  • Adoption assistance
  • Employee assistance programs
  • Wide-range of flexible work arrangements

Crafting and implementing wellness programs that meet the needs of our employees

  • Health screenings and Health education fairs
  • Flu shots provided on-site at all locations
  • “Health Advocate” service provided free to employees and their spouses, dependent children, parents and parents-in-law
  • Coverage of smoking cessation prescriptions and products for employees and spouses
  • Free on-site gym membership for headquarters-based employees and spouses/partners; gym membership fee reimbursement for remote employees
  • Wellness discounts for employees and their spouses/domestic partners enrolled in company’s medical plan
To share your views on Selective’s social responsibility efforts: Email: corpsocialresponsibility@selective.com