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Environmental Preservation

Our social contract includes preserving our environment for future generations. We treat the earth with a light touch, taking every opportunity to reduce our use of natural resources and reuse or recycle the products that we consume. The result is a smaller carbon footprint, lower operating costs, and a better environment for us all.

Here are just a few of the ways we are helping to preserve the environment:

Reducing paper use

  • Self-Service options offered to customers
  • Mobile app for iPhone® and AndroidTM plus mobile website
  • Customer portal for payments, answers to policy questions, and view/print payment or policy information
  • Automated payments by phone
  • A variety of paperless business transactions offered to our customers (e.g., Certificates of Insurance, claim filing, ID cards, bill payments)

Making environmental protection and energy conservation a way of life at Corporate Headquarters

  • Non-toxic, non-caustic cleaning products used in offices and cafeteria
  • Low or no-emission of volatile organic compounds from paints and carpets
  • Landscaping with indigenous plants using chemical-free fertilizer
  • No lawn sprinklers
  • Energy-efficient office machines and heating/ventilation/air conditioning units
  • More energy-efficient light fixtures installed
  • Lighting shutoff in selected areas during periods of low usage
  • Electricity meters installed in data center to monitor power usage
  • Regular preventive maintenance performed on company fleet to optimize engine performance and fuel consumption
To share your views on Selective’s social responsibility efforts: Email: corpsocialresponsibility@selective.com