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You're a Renter, But You're An Owner As Well

Sure, you rent your home or apartment, but you own most everything in it – from your furniture to your flat screen TV. Maybe you don't think you need insurance, but look around; you may be surprised at everything you own, like clothing, furniture, appliances and jewelry. Get the protection you want for your personal property with a policy from Selective. Our policy also includes personal liability coverage as well as a range of other protection options, including contents replacement and identity theft coverage. Plus, we offer online bill payment and a variety of flexible payment options.

Renters Insurance Q&A

Frequently Asked Renters Insurance Questions

Is my bike covered by renters insurance?

Your bike and other recreational or sports equipment are typically covered. There are also special policies you can buy for very expensive sports equipment.

Is my car covered?

Vehicles aren't covered by renters insurance. You need to get a separate auto insurance policy to protect your car, van or motorcycle.

Is my property covered away from home?

Yes, but coverage varies. Some companies extend coverage to your belongings anywhere in the world. Some limit it to 10 percent of the total policy value. Property stolen from a locked vehicle, including the car trunk is also covered. Ask your insurance agent for details.

As a student, am I covered by my parents' policy?

Yes, if you're a college student and part of your parents’ household, their homeowners or renters insurance provides coverage in the dorm. If you live off campus, you’ll need your own renters policy. Policies can vary, so speak to your insurance agent about this.

Can I purchase a renters policy with my roommate or domestic partner?

It depends. Regulations differ from state to state, and policies might also differ from company to company. Find out what regulations apply in your state. Some insurance companies allow unmarried couples who have been living together to obtain joint coverage, rather than two separate policies. But a domestic partner is usually not automatically insured like a spouse under the partner’s policy. He or she must be specifically named. Ask your insurance agent for more information.

What happens if something I have rented or borrowed is stolen?

Items that are "in your possession" are usually covered under a standard renters policy, whether they are things that you’ve bought, received as gifts or rented.

How do I file a claim?

As soon as you become aware of a loss, note the date, time of day and list of goods stolen or damaged. In case of a theft, call the police as soon as possible. Then, contact your insurance company or agent to report the loss and get the appropriate claim forms. Written and documented reports of losses are especially important when theft is involved.