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Your Assets Are Worth Protecting

Sometimes the unthinkable happens – a neighbor falls in your backyard and severely injures himself. Your teenager is at-fault in an auto accident injuring several people. You are sued and a financial judgment is issued against you. Sure, your home or auto policy can pay the settlement, but what if it is more than your policies cover? In today's society, you don't have to be a millionaire to be sued like one.

A Canopy of Coverage

Selective's personal umbrella insurance helps provide extra liability protection beyond what your auto or homeowners insurance provides. The broad protection includes worldwide coverage for personal liability losses, defense costs, loss of earnings, and more, all at a reasonable cost that may surprise you.

Sometimes the unthinkable happens. If it does, you want to know you have that extra layer of insurance helping to protect your financial future.

Save Money with Selective

By packaging umbrella insurance with your homeowners policy, you'll not only save up to 15%, but you will have less paperwork to manage. You may be eligible for additional discounts on your homeowners or auto policy if you have:

  • Smoke alarms, burglar and fire alarms or automatic sprinkler systems in your home
  • No claims on your homeowners policy in the past three years
  • Completed an approved defensive driver course
  • Youthful drivers on the policy who have completed approved driver training and have good grades
  • Specific qualifying safety or anti-theft features on your vehicle(s)
  • Paid your insurance bill on time
  • A higher deductible

Ask your insurance agent for details.

Enhanced Optional Coverage

Uninsured/Underinsured Auto Coverage up to $1 million

Key Benefits of Selective’s Umbrella Policy

Your Selective umbrella insurance policy offers many benefits, including:

Broad Protection – Whether at home or vacationing, this policy helps provide you with the protection you need.

Higher Limits – With policy limits ranging from $1 million to $5 million, you have the added peace of mind knowing you have extra coverage if an accident occurs.

Loss of Earnings and Defense Costs – Trials and court cases can be costly and time consuming. If court is necessary, we will help pay your lost income, defense fees and other legal costs while you attend hearings or trial.