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Your Home, Your Life

Your family and your home are the center of your life. The last thing you want to think about is your homeowners insurance until you need it. Then, the only thing you want to know for sure is that you have the right coverage. Our agents get to know you so they can customize coverage specific to your needs. That's the "personal touch" you can expect from Selective and your independent agent, an agent that lives and works in your community. Selective offers competitive prices, superior products and 24 x 7 claims service.

Your Peace of Mind

Your agent will explain your coverage options in a way that’s easy to understand and help you secure the right protection at the right price protection that includes your home, personal property and liability coverage. Selective also offers a variety of optional enhancements including increased theft coverage on jewelry, coverage for lock replacement, refrigerated property, water back up, lost credit cards, identity theft and more. We also offer online bill payment and a variety of flexible payment options.

Enhanced Optional Coverages: The Selective Edge®

You've worked hard for all you have, so you want to be sure your insurance is there to protect you if you need it. The Selective Edge® offers even more coverage options than standard homeowners policies – coverage options that you need. Here's a sampling of the options included in The Selective Edge®:

Guaranteed Replacement Cost: You'll have the peace of mind of knowing your insurance will pay to completely rebuild your home if destroyed – even at more than your current insurance limits.

Large Loss Deductible Waiver: If your home is damaged to a point where you need this, you've already got enough on your plate. You don't really want to worry about your homeowners insurance deductible – so we'll waive it.1

Water Back-up: If there is a storm and your sump pump stops working, causing water to back up in your basement – will your insurance give you the protection you need to clean up and rebuild? With up to $25,000 in coverage2, The Selective Edge® will help.

Theft/Mysterious Disappearance of Jewelry, Watches and Furs: Your anniversary gift from your wife was an expensive watch. If it goes missing or is stolen, how will your insurance respond? Our specialized limits on high-value items ensures your property is protected.

Non-Building Structures: Many homeowners aren't aware coverages for fences, walkways or rock walls may not be covered as part of their policy. With this coverage, your insurance will pay the replacement cost if these are damaged or destroyed.1

Talk to your agent today about how The Selective Edge® for auto and homeowners insurance policies will give you the protection you deserve – or click here to find an agent near you.

1 – subject to terms and conditions

2 – higher limits available

Save Money with Selective

Selective offers a number of discounts to help you save money on your homeowners insurance. You may already qualify for discounts if you have:

  • Auto insurance with Selective
  • Smoke alarms, burglar and fire alarms or automatic sprinkler systems
  • No claims in the past three years
  • Paid your insurance bill on time
  • A higher deductible

Ask your insurance agent for details.

Homeowners Safety Tips

It's important to have insurance that can respond if your property is damaged or stolen or there is an accident on your property. But it's even better to prevent the losses. The following homeowners tips can help keep your family, friends and property safe.

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"Selective is GREAT!!!  I've been a customer for over five years and would NEVER change! Thank you, Selective! You are one in a million!" A Diamond Moment from - Debora, Tennessee