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Insurance for Your Senior Living Facility

Families trust you with their loved ones. Why not put your trust in an insurance carrier that will go the extra mile for your customer? With the Baby Boomer generation moving towards retirement, we know senior living facilities may see rapid growth throughout the coming years. To help keep you protected, Selective’s Senior Living insurance offers the coverages that matter most – for both you and your residents.

Types of Senior Living Facilities We Insure

  • Active adult communities, senior apartments and condominiums
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Property and Auto: Continuous care retirement communities, nursing homes and assisted living facilities (claims made coverage form)

Coverage Highlights

Property Insurance Advantages

  • Emergency vacating expense
  • Employee theft
  • Forgery or alteration
  • Ordinance or law – Loss to the undamaged portion of the building, including demolition costs and increased cost of construction
  • Property off premises
  • Property of residents
  • Utility services
  • Communicable disease extra expense
  • Theft of residents’ money and securities

General Liability Insurance Advantages

  • Blanket additional insureds (as required by contract)
  • Limited assault
  • Limited property damage to property of others in your care, custody or control
  • Temporary liquor liability

Assisted Living Facilities Professional Liability Insurance Advantages

  • Occurrence form
  • Broad limits
  • Insureds include employees, volunteers and students-in-training

Abuse or Molestation Insurance Advantages

  • Occurrence/claims-made
  • Broad limits
  • Innocent employee, volunteer and student-in-training limited civil expense

Commercial Automobile Insurance Advantages

  • Blanket additional insureds
  • Care, custody or control amendment
  • Additional transportation expenses
  • Garage keepers
  • Expanded audio, visual, data electronic equipment

For more information about Selective's coverages, click here.

Optional Coverages Tailored for Senior Living Facilities

  • Builders risk
  • Business income & extra expense – ALS
  • Commercial umbrella
  • Computer fraud
  • Crisis response
  • Cyber liability
  • Flood/earthquake
  • Funds transfer fraud
  • GreenPac®
  • Identity theft
  • Inland marine
  • Key employee replacement

For more information about Selective's coverages, click here.

Safety Management Services

Selective can help you prevent claims before they occur with our extensive Safety Management services:

  • Thermographic infrared testing of electrical panels and incoming service at no additional cost
  • Building valuation
  • Employee background screening and access to discounted motor vehicle reports through IntelliCorp®
  • Assistance with developing policy and procedure manuals, including screening guidelines for employees and volunteers working with vulnerable adults
  • Habitational emergency evacuation training and other life safety evaluations
  • Pre-screening assistance with employee motor vehicle reports
  • Fleet safety assistance, including defensive driving instruction, 15-passenger van safety, and vehicle emergency evacuation training
  • Driver monitor program through SafetyFirst®, if eligible

For more information about Selective’s Safety Management services, click here.

Please contact your Selective agent for more information about our products and services for Senior Living Facilities.