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Our People

Brenda Hall, Chief Strategic Operations Officer

Brenda HallStarting out as an underwriting supervisor with Selective, Brenda Hall rose in 13 years to become Chief Strategic Operations Officer. Along the way, she held several leadership positions, including roles within field underwriting, business intelligence and customer experience.

Working with business units throughout the company gives Brenda a unique vantage point to be engaged in many facets of Selective's operations. She enjoys helping others see the big picture, the importance of their work and how they are making a difference.

Success as a leader, Brenda believes, comes from staying connected to our distribution partners, our customers and colleagues and aligning your actions with words. "We are a high-performing, relationship-based company. It’s the interaction among people that leads to the best solutions and outcomes."

Gloria Ellis, Small Business Territory Manager, Heartland Region

Gloria EllisFor Gloria Ellis, it's all about the customer. "Customer service is how we differentiate ourselves," she says.

Gloria leads the small-business underwriting team responsible for writing new business and growing market share in seven states in the Midwest. It's her second stint with the company. She had left Selective after working there for two years, only to return three years later.

Hers is a multifaceted position, encompassing training, assigning territories and managing relationships with agents while ensuring her unit achieves its business goals. She enjoys a large degree of autonomy in making decisions that affect her unit's performance.

It's the kind of environment where she thrives: a stimulating workplace that challenges her to continue to grow and improve her leadership skills.

Lisa Gordon, IT Application Specialist

Lisa GordonIn her 19 years with Selective, Lisa Gordon has held positions in eight different disciplines. She began her career in the mailroom, and her subsequent job titles have included data analyst, actuarial assistant, manager in the business intelligence and reinsurance departments, and IT application specialist – her current role. The position requires her to apply both business and technology skills, on a project that aims to improve a customer's experience when he or she contacts the company.

Lisa trained for each new post on the job, through "self-learning and asking coworkers," she says. "There are always lots of opportunities at Selective, and if one came up that interested me, I'd take it. Selective was open to it and supported my progress toward my career goals."

Matthew Gonyea, Agency Management Specialist, Northeast Region

Matthew GonyeaWithin three years of joining Selective as an underwriting trainee, Matt Gonyea had earned multiple promotions and ascended to the position of agency management specialist (AMS). He credits his rapid rise to the supportive culture at Selective. "The underwriting training program taught me the business and helped me network throughout the company, and my trainers and supervisors inspired me to realize my potential," he says.

What Matt likes about his job is that it gives him wide-ranging responsibilities, enabling him to maintain relationships with his assigned agents and help them grow their businesses.

Like all Selective's AMSs, Matt lives in the area he serves. "We're a regional company with local ties," he says, "and our clients respect that."